Radio Jona

Wir sind ein Gospel Radio in der Umgebung Effretikon, Illnau, Kempthal und so weiter...auf bis bern.......

Samstag, Dezember 18, 2004

enter key-word-jesus is lord-houston texas-coundtown

symbol status ok, houston texas- countown
10-9-8-7-6-5-admission sequenz 3-2-1
we have a lift of-we have a lift of

with g8 means 8times presst in to the seat 8tims 80= 640kg for 60 seconds

im now in orbit-houston texas qrz from space shuttle faith-all systems go-put me on auto
transponder to iss- international space station-ready to orbit auto pilot activated.

i feel greet- for america-switzerland-and the phillipines from sir atomic-jack

for the juth of those who lost hope and faith-jesus loves you.
as the story continues.........