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Sonntag, Januar 23, 2005


Your donation toward our local ministry & our upcoming mission trips will make a difference in this world ...and in the world to come!

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"you guys can't do church like that!".....JUST HIDE AND WATCH!"you guys can't do church like that!".....JUST HIDE AND WATCH!
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Resurrection Tabernacle Christ's Church Fellowship International, a 24/7 Jesus Church is becoming a glorious third day church dedicated to providing a suitable habitation for the manifest presence of GOD thru praise, worship, prayer, and service to the community on a 24/7 basis, and is eagerly moving toward perpetual 24/7 revival ! Resurrection Tabernacle Christ's Church Fellowship International, a 24/7 Jesus Church, has moved to the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex & is rapidly becoming known as THE LONE STAR REVIVAL CONNECTION !

Resurrection Tabernacle Christ's Church Fellowship International, a 24/7 Jesus Church, is becoming a glorious third-day church dedicated to providing a suitable habitation for the manifest presence of GOD thru praise, worship, prayer, and service to the community on a 24/7 basis, and is eagerly anticipating perpetual 24/7 revival !

Visit Pastor Allen Shook's freedom: church in Ft. Worth, Texas. Come be a part of their first service! Sunday, January 23, 2005 at the Holiday Inn South at I35 and Alta Mesa in the Main Ballroom.

New Wine International Winter Camp Meeting 2005 REVIVAL GLORY EXPLOSION Wednesday-Friday, January 26-28, 2005, in Orlando, Florida, with Joshua & Janet Mills, David Herzog, Marina McLean, Glenn & Davene Garland & more!

Pastors OutReach Conference: February 2nd, 2005 at Ladore Conference Center, in the Pocono Mountains, Waymart Pennsylvania.The conference is for one day to share the ability to help you with church growth. Several experts will be sharing ways to help your church grow and how to fullfill the great commission. Time here on earth is not going to be for much longer for those that know Him. Teaching will be on how to evangelize in Urban or Rural communities, how to attract the lost back to church, how to teach those led by the Lord to step out of the box and serve Him, and developing an outreach team. For further info, email or call 570-698-5350

Resurrection Tabernacle Christ's Church Fellowship International, a 24/7 Jesus Church, has moved to the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex & is rapidly becoming known as

see news story:
Read what LARRY SILVERMAN says about position & timing.

24/7 Jesus Church is a member of the Global Compassion Network founded by Bishop Bart Pierce of Rock City Church in Baltimore,MD and Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares America in Houston, TX

We are a CHURCH FOR LIFE partnering with James & Betty Robison, Peter & Ann Pretorius, & Life Outreach International providing food & water for the children of the world.

Brother & Sister Holdridge are in fellowship with the United Christian Church & Ministerial Association, Cleveland, Tennessee, founded by the late Evangelist H Richard Hall

REVIVAL continues another year atJUBILEE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP in TULARE, CALIFORNIA.Pastor Ken Bowman invites you to check out the Tulare Visitation.

Since October 2003, God invaded New Hope Church, since then we have seen mighty miracles physically, emotionally, and spiritually that God can do. It is truly ALL ABOUT HIM. Not the touch of man BUT THE TOUCH OF GOD that changes lives. The church is open everyday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Evening services start at 7:00 PM Sunday 10:00AM to 12:00 PM Soon to be Open 24 hours
Pastors Edmundo & Gloria Santiago

HAND THE PHONE TO JESUS! (SM) & help this ministry.

At Last, 24-7 is OFFICIALLY uncool.

Come Join the Metroplex Revival Prayer Gathering 7PM Every Friday at Nations Worship Center with Pastor Herman Martir at 801 E. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, Texas 76010Directions: From Highway 360 Exit West on 303/Pioneer Parkway. Make an immediate right turn into the shopping center after crossing Collins St.

GOD's Glorious Presence is changing the RIO GRANDE VALLEY. He has been changing lives in Joe Cicchino's meetings in Texas . "HOLY COWETA!!!" Joe & Ellen Cicchino's VISION OF LOVE WORLD OUTREACH CENTER in Oklahoma. Read Joe Cicchino's Biographical Information. Read Recent Revival Reports

Hear Old Fashioned Holy Ghost Tent Revival Sermons from Country Preacher Anthony Wynn. Bro Wynn is preaching HOLY GHOST REVIVAL on SKY ANGEL NETWORK/ FAITH TV Sunday at 8:00 AM Central Time


United Christian Church of Madisonville, Kentucky
Pastor Jeff Carter is now at United Christian Church, 755 Hopewell Street in Madisonville, Kentucky. Services are at 7 PM on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Many are being saved every service. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and YOU NEED a NEW ANOINTING. God is moving on the people. Come early, move in close, and get your healing, deliverance, and restoration. e-mail Bro. Carter: or telephone (270) 824-1060

Hyatt Moore's definitive work"The Last Supper with Twelve Tribes" Depicted (from left) are: Crow of Montana, Berber of North Africa, Masai of Kenya, China, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Jesus, Ethiopia, Tzeltal of Mexico, Canela of Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Salish of British Columbia, Mongolia. copyright 2000-2004 Hyatt Moore To order prints, go to

Click Here for FarsiNet's Worldwide Directory of Iranian/Persian Christian Churches

A. A. Allen books online. Click on image to read.
Read the latest from Revivals and Revivalists WorldWide!

READ what Ron McGatlin says about


READ "Welcome to the 'Third Day!'" fromGary Goodell

Becoming a Person of "One Thing" (Preoccupied with Intimacy)By Mike Bickle

How To Raise The Dead by Richard M. Riss
Toward An Understanding Of Moves And Manifestations Of God by Marty Gabler
God's Manifest Presence: A Catalogue of Manifestations
The Tabernacle of David : Dr. Daniel M. Sweger
What we can learn from Fiji revival by Ian Shelton, convener of the One Heart working group and senior pastor of Toowoomba City Church in Australia. He also coordinates the Toowoomba Christian Leaders? Network
The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement by Vinson Synan, Ph.D. (Formerly Director of the Holy Spirit Research Center; now Dean, the School of Divinity, Regent University)
Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire! The Revival Legacy of Minnie F. Abrams from
Count Zinzendorf, the Moravian Renewal of 1727 & the 100 year Prayer Meeting

House of Prayer working toward round-the-clock intercession by ANNETTE FULLER / The Dallas Morning News READ
"Gods Strength for this Generation "
from Dennis Bennett, the Father of Charismatic Renewal


Revival comes through Prayer, not pragmatic scheduling- Roger Ellsworth, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Benton, Illinois

Praying the Price (for REVIVAL)
Dr Stuart Robinson, Pastor of Blackburn Baptist Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1948 Embryonic Revival Principles: Pastor Jim Watt, Congregation Beth Chesed (MESSIANIC) One New Man in Tacoma. Washington- 1948. The re-birth of the Nation of Israel. 1948. God visits North Battleford, Saskatchewan and births 12 revival principles in embryonic form. Download & Study
Revival.. What is it? Why is it needed? Why not your church? Your city? Why not you?

RESTORATION OF THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID(or "Who's church is it anyway?") By Pastor Martin Richards
from Folly's End Church, Croydon, Surrey UK

30 Characteristics Of The Glory On The Last Day's Church
From Evangelist MATT SORGER

A Word for The New Millennium Church By Cindy Jacobs

God's Manifest Presenceby Mike Bickle & Michael Sullivant

GOD says, ?Revival NOW!? As soon as His people BELIEVE in His GOODNESS they walk into REVIVAL! And as long as they continue to believe in His goodness they continue to walk in revival! Perpetual revival!

View the THIRD DAY Church archives from Doug Fortune at

THE REVIVAL THAT MADE WORLD HISTORYFred Berry, Southern California SPN Coordinator


Thanks to Rad Zdero, PhD. for his article
Reaching Our Cities with House Churches

READ what Bradley J. Thompson says aboutNew Testament and Contemporary House Churches

from Troy J. Edwards

READ what Jonathan Edwards says aboutPositive Distinguishing Marks of Revival

Read "The Kind of Revival Wanted by the Church" by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Thanks to By Faith Media of the UK
for making THE COMING REVIVAL Flash Movie available to us.

READ Randall J. Stephens' article in:
"There is Magic in Print": The Holiness-Pentecostal Press and the Origins of Southern Pentecostalism

Raise the Dead A Film by James RutenbeckAfter his mother was seized by the Holy Ghost at a Pentecostal meeting, H. Richard Hall began life as a child evangelist in the backwoods and small towns of Depression-era Appalachia. Hall was mentored by William Branham, the illiterate son of a Kentucky bootlegger who was rivaled only by Oral Roberts as the preeminent evangelist of the 1940's and 50's... RAISE THE DEAD is a contemporary journey into the tents and storefronts of the region. It is an exploration of the land, people and milieu of a misunderstood and largely undocumented religious tradition.
"The best and most sensitive documentary on the Appalachian religion and Pentecostalism that I have ever seen in my extensive research - accurate and insightful." -- Professor Harvey Cox, Harvard University Divinity School"A moving film which captures the anguish and ecstasy of the religion of the Appalachian poor ... poignantly captures the spiritual depth and social compassion that often has been glibly caricatured by outsiders." -- David E. Harrel, Breeden Eminent Scholar In The Humanities, Auburn University"An uncritical yet revealing look at three Pentecostal ministers who subscribe to a literal interpretation of a Biblical promise... [RAISE THE DEAD] manages with considerable artistry to help the viewer experience the sense of divine presence that informs their work. ... Adds to the body of knowledge about Pentecostal history. Stunning... a gorgeous documentary testament to an often misunderstood and marginalized religious tradition." - Sharon Hatfield, Journal of Appalachian Studies"This is one of the finest films made on Appalachian Pentecostal religion. Moreover, the informative content is presented without condescension or sensationalism. In addition, as a bonus, the troubled economic history of the Appalachian region is presented in parallel with the preacher's lives. Highly recommended from the heart of Appalachia, Morgantown, West Virginia." -- MC Journal: the Journal of Academic Media Librarianship
"Pray ye therefore the LORD of the harvest, that HE will send forth laborers into HIS harvest" Matthew 9:38 (See 24/7 Mission Teams from the UK)

My name is Carol Lopez and you sent me anointing oil and prayed. I am up out of bed and doing great. Please continue to pray I quit smoking and I can start my own business with my husband , so we can feed people under the bridges in Atlanta, Ga. May God Bless you for answering my prayer and helping me. I will pray for everything you and your ministry touch will turn to gold for the Kingdom Of GOD! Your sister, Carol Lopez
Thank you for continually praying for my mother, Linda. She had cancer of the kidney's. Her CT or CAT scan came back fine. It has been over 5 years. I thank God for answering our prayers this time and every time. God always answers our prayers and she is cancer free. I have faith and I know that God has healed her. I thank God for healing her. God Bless you, Cindy

Brother Holdridge wants to pray for your special prayer requests.
Click here to get an anointed prayer cloth.

NEWSBRIEFING from Christian World News

Maranatha Gospel Mission is spearheading revival in Northern India. Hundreds recently came to the Lord Jesus in a recent evangelistic campaign in Bilhai. Pastor Mohan C. Thomas and his wife, Shaila, invite you to visit their website!

Holy Given: Iris International School of Missions, June 1-August 14, 2005 with Rolland and Heidi Baker
FROM GLORY TO GLORY - Rolland & Heidi Baker in Mozambique

In Matthew 2:13-15 the picture shows that Africa has been elected a custodian of the prophetic "church" full of salvation, life and power. The plumb line of truth is that God has placed this mantle upon all the "Africanic' vessels". "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord Almighty... " There he will bring out capstone to shouts of God Bless it!... "Who despises the day of small things? Men will rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hands of Zerubbabel with those seven they are the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth" Zechariah 4:6-10.

"this generation is on the threshold of experiencing a spiritual restoration that will equate in its prominence with the recovery of the Jewish people to the land of Israel" Paul Keith Davis
Numerous pastors around the world have asked about becoming connected as outreach partners with us. If you have contacted us, and you have not received a reply yet, we apologize. Please contact us again as we would love to work with you to reach the world. We are extremely limited on money but we will do everything we can to help you in your ministry. VISIT OTHER 24/7 JESUS CHURCHES WORLDWIDE!!!

The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea!

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Your donation to our local ministry & our upcoming mission trips will make a difference in this world ...and in Eternity!

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